The new SAC Tracker is here

Posted by admin in Promotions on 26-10-2011

I’m pleased to introduce to you the result of our hard work during the past few months – the new and refreshed

You can see we’re still focused on tracking the live deals at SteepAndCheap, Bonktown, Chainlove and WhiskeyMilitia, as well as the daily deals at a number of gear stores.

The coupon codes are now easier to find and to use, and pretty much all the functionality we had before is still available, although slightly reorganized, refined and more useful.

But now you also have the OUTLET at your disposal!

Since you’re here, I’m sure you don’t like paying retail price for your gear. Duh.. who does?
So, how does this outlet differ from any other of its kind, you ask?

Well, apart from it allowing you to filter down your options by a number of criteria, the best thing about it, is that it unites the outlets of more than 60 of the best online retailers of outdoor clothing and gear.
And that number is growing constantly!

Think of how much time this saves you, searching among hundreds of thousands of products in one place.

And once again – these are only discounted items with at least 10% off.
We’re not interested in retail pricing – we want to get you only the lowest prices there are.

We have a lot more extras coming up soon, so stay tuned.

And as always, any feedback is much appreciated.

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