The 2013 Big Freeze & Scorcher!

Posted by admin in Guest Writings on 11-03-2013

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Winter is almost over, and the warmer months are rapidly approaching us. It has been a VERY cold one, but it’s almost time to put the big freeze behind us as we begin to prepare for our most outrageous, and awesome summer excursions into nature, ever!

You have probably enjoyed quite a bit of snow, either on the slopes, ice climbing, or hiking around heavily wooded areas. I know I have, and I will say, it has been a great winter for outdooring, as we challenge the extremes nature seems to gladly throws at us.

This summer promises to be a SCORCHER, as we approach the end of the 11 year solar maximum. It is looking to be as crazy as the brutal winter we have just experienced across much of the northern hemisphere.

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