New Line Just Launched by Under Armour

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Under Armour HeatGear

Under Armour HeatGear

Under Armour just launched a brand new HeatGear Line! Their NEW UA HeatGear Flyweight is the lightest Under Armour ever.

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, you should know that Under Armour is a leader in performance apparel, footwear and accessories.

Athletes all over the world wear their garments, professional and casual. They have a diverse assortment developed for any season and temperature.

The HeatGear® line in particular is targeted for staying dry and cool in hot weather, but in addition, they have the ColdGear® range for staying warm in the cold, and AllSeasonGear® for in between.

It’s worth noting that Under Armour are also active supporters of causes like breast cancer, green environment and nations wounded service members.

You can look around their whole range of products from the new line here.

The new SAC Tracker is here

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I’m pleased to introduce to you the result of our hard work during the past few months – the new and refreshed

You can see we’re still focused on tracking the live deals at SteepAndCheap, Bonktown, Chainlove and WhiskeyMilitia, as well as the daily deals at a number of gear stores.

The coupon codes are now easier to find and to use, and pretty much all the functionality we had before is still available, although slightly reorganized, refined and more useful.

But now you also have the OUTLET at your disposal!

Since you’re here, I’m sure you don’t like paying retail price for your gear. Duh.. who does?
So, how does this outlet differ from any other of its kind, you ask?

Well, apart from it allowing you to filter down your options by a number of criteria, the best thing about it, is that it unites the outlets of more than 60 of the best online retailers of outdoor clothing and gear.
And that number is growing constantly!

Think of how much time this saves you, searching among hundreds of thousands of products in one place.

And once again – these are only discounted items with at least 10% off.
We’re not interested in retail pricing – we want to get you only the lowest prices there are.

We have a lot more extras coming up soon, so stay tuned.

And as always, any feedback is much appreciated.

Combined Shipping now available at ODAT sites

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If you’re a daily deal fanatic, you must have enjoyed the ability to use combined shipping on,,, and .

Well, here is the good news – now you can use combined shipping for the 4 sites together!

Simply put, this means you can get gear from any or all of the sites, keep them together for up to a week, and then get them delivered in one shipment.

The result is big savings on shipping costs and less burden on the environment due to the lower cardboard usage.

Trekking poles (a small thing for a big challenge)

Posted by Tania in Promotions on 29-10-2010

Sometimes, the often neglected little accessories can help you overcome challenges. And sometimes they can save your live, or just make it easier.

Lets take for example trekking poles. How can they help you?

  • On downhill they decrease the amount of stress on your joints and on uphill – transfer some of your weight to your shoulders, back and arms.
  • They help you for a better balance and establishing a walking rhythm.
  • Make crossing streams, loose rocks and slippery surfaces safer.
  • Push back overhanging vegetation from the trail and probe soggy terrain for boggy sports and holes.

So, for the intrigued, Mountains Plus has  launched a campaign where you purchases a pair of snowshoes you receive a FREE pair of same brand trekking poles.

It’s rainy weather (but do you care?)

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Rain Gear on Sale

Well, if you do, maybe it’s time to get some appropriate gear packed.

Winter is coming, but there’s still some time before rain turns into snow, so it’s good to be prepared and not risk your comfort when it pours outside.

Altrec has it covered for you with some nice offers of up to 50% off and even more as I checked.

PrAna Fall 2010 Promo

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An ad for prAna, applealing to the outdoorsman…In ancient Sanskrit, “prana” is the word for breath, life and vitality of the spirit.
It is like the Chinese notion of Qi, the life-sustaining force of living beings.

PrAna promotes balance and harmony between the inner and outer worlds. Clothes become an extension of the body, a vehicle for the spirit. prAna yoga pants and prAna yoga tops are a staple in any yogini’s wardrobe.

And here is the good news:

In you can receive $10 off any PrAna order of over $100. They just stocked their new fall 2010 line to include yoga apparel and accessories, climbing clothes and everyday lifestyle and fitness clothes.

Just make sure you use coupon code “5037” at checkout!